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For many people, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency are heralded as the next big thing since the internet and there is a very good reason why the technology has amassed this reputation. Since 2010, cryptocurrency which had a slow start at the beginning of the decade has now become a common name among businesses and individuals alike. So much so that the need for a transaction mechanism has swept the markets and we have responded with TYSLIN payments. Need to pay through Crypto? We have you covered. Need to accept Cryptocurrency at your store? Do it through Tyslin pay. Need multiple transactions for yourself or your business in the form of multiple cryptocurrencies? Choose Tyslin pay and enable instant crypto transactions safely transferred without any complication.

Merchant Portal

Merchant Portal

Get an inbuilt platform for your brand to access Catalogues for products, Queries by customers and Payments by individuals.

Catalogue Management

Catalogue Management

Redefine your oering by building your own online setup. Give yourself a new look to capture those online shoppers and increase your profit.

Currency Conversion

Currency Conversion

The whole process is automatic. You can choose whether you would like to convert a payment into a dierent cryptocurrency or just plain cold hard cash.

Simple Way To Pay

Simple Way To Pay

You don’t have to remain behind the counter with Tyslin. Step outside and shop with cryptocurrency as well with flexibility and ease.

Tyslin Payments for Individuals

Instant Payments

Once you make a payment, it gets sent within seconds with a 100% reliability. No more delays and it’s faster than paying in cash or card.

Cheaper and Discounted

Besides being cheaper than FIAT, stores will oer huge discounts when you pay in Crypto. The value you get stays the same, the value you pay is less.

Less Transactional costs

Simply put, Paying with Cryptocurrency is cheaper than paying with cards and other mediums since there is a lower tax cost. Imagine the savings over 1000 card transactions.

Secure and Available Anywhere

There are no third parties, no visits to the bank and no limits to when or where. All you need is your digital wallet password and a reason to spend your cryptocurrency.

Why Should You care?

With the speed that cryptocurrency is going at the moment, it will not be long till it overtakes digital or even FIAT exchanges. When this happens, You or your business can take full advantage of this technology to stay ahead of the pack. Just to give you a heads up, this concept was non existent back in 2010 and look at where it is right now. It can only go up from here so don’t waste any time thinking about it and download our app right here.

Tyslin Ecosystem – Powered by our native TYSLIN Coin (TYS). Experience the freedom of using TYS to pay for trading fees on the Tyslin Exchange. In the near future customers and vendors will be able to transact in TYS, so don’t forget to avail our Airdrop and Referral program and hold on to your coins!


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