Keeping your investments safe is our #1 priority.

Tyslin takes an exhaustive approach to make sure our user’s personal data and funds are safe from bad actors. Our team is constantly auditing and building upon existing protocols to ensure that our security is up-to-date and impenetrable.
We cannot discuss security in too much detail, due to both proprietary and security reasons. Regardless, our protocols remain impervious and resilient to bad actors

Security Protocols


Geographically Distributed Cold Wallets

Our funds are held in geographically distributed multi-signature cold wallets. No single person has access to multiple wallets at the same time, nor can just a single person remove funds from any wallet.


Withdrawal Confirmations

All cryptocurrency withdrawals are first verified through a confirmation email before they are processed. Additionally, large withdrawals are manually vetted by our security team, adding yet another preventative measure

stress checks

Regular Stress Testing

We conduct regular stress, scenario, and penetration tests to mitigate any attack vector onto our platform. If found, our expert team proceeds to solve these issues, while continually testing our systems’ abilities to withstand load.

2 factor

2-Factor Authentication

2FA allows you to add an extra layer of security to your account, through OTPs received on your mobile number or by enabling Google Authenticator. Logging in and other sensitive information will require 2FA.

Complete Fund Safety

Complete Fund Safety

Only 5% of all funds are kept on hot wallets. 95% of all funds on Tyslin are kept on multi-sig cold wallets. We keep full reserves so as to always facilitate immediate withdrawals.

How do I secure my account?

Here are some steps you can follow to secure your account now:

1. Set up 2- Factor Authentication

Setting up Two-Factor Authentication will ensure that no-one can access your Tyslin account without obtaining both your password and the second factor to your security – whether it’s your OTP or Google Authenticator.

2. Always check your browser:

Always make sure the browser you’re visiting is: If the website you’re on looks exactly like ours but is even slightly dierent – you could be a victim of phishing and could lose control of your account. Remain vigilant!

3. Do not share sensitive information:

While our community managers on Telegram and our support teams regularly converse with users over chat or call, no single Tyslin employee will ask for sensitive information. The most any employee will ask is your email, phone number, and Support Ticket ID.

4. Use a strong password:

We recommend that you use a strong password for your Tyslin account. While we have the highest levels of security for our platform, using an easy-to-guess password leaves you liable to “guess-hackers”.