Refer & Earn 100 TYS for every friend who trades over a total of 1 BTC.

Invite your friends to trade on tyslin and both you and your friend can earn 100 TYS each when your friend trades over a total of 1 BTC across any tyslin product.

Frequently Asked Questions

How exactly does Tyslin's new referral program work?

If someone uses your Reference Number while signing up and trades worth more than 1 BTC, both you and whomsoever used your Reference No. will receive 100 TYS directly in your Tyslin wallet.

What tyslin products can I use to qualify for this program?

Orders adding up to more than or equal to 1 BTC will qualify you to earn 100 TYS.
A Tyslin order worth 1 BTC, multiple trades on Tyslin Trade adding up to 1 BTC, and even using leverage to magnify your order size to 1 BTC will lead to you earning 100 TYS

Does my friend need to verify his account?

No KYC verification is necessary to avail this offer. Neither party has to hold a verified account, however, the deposit and withdrawal limitations remain unchanged.

Is there any limit to how many people I can refer for this program?

There is no limit on how many people you can refer.

Do I have to trade in BTC to avail this offer?

You do not have to trade in BTC. To earn 100 TYS, your trades must be worth 1 BTC in any currency. Placing 5 trades in LTC, each amounting to 1 BTC each will add up to a valuation of 1 BTC, and qualify you for the 100 TYS reward.

Tyslin Ecosystem – Powered by our native TYSLIN Coin (TYS). Experience the freedom of using TYS to pay for trading fees on the Tyslin Exchange. In the near future customers and vendors will be able to transact in TYS, so don’t forget to avail our Airdrop and Referral program and hold on to your coins!


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